Soma health center
Realization of a
lifelong dream.

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  • Name

    Soma health center
  • Standort

    Geboltskirchen, AT
  • Construct Type

    New Construction
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  • Surface

    1400 m²

Clear structures in a beautiful landscape

Dr. Schachinger is a general practitioner, Ayurveda and spa doctor at Home of Ayurveda somamed. As a health center, the building had to meet certain criteria: It was built according to Vedic construction, which means that doors and windows are aligned with the cardinal points and special care had to be taken when choosing materials. Large windows, a lot of wood look, wooden blinds and brick construction give the manor house a natural character. The house is heated and cooled with the healing water; no Styrofoam was used, instead sheep's wool, glass, bricks and steel were used. The harmony and the division of the rooms are particularly well done. The very clear structures blend beautifully into the landscape. It creates an eye-catcher without being intrusive.

Materials from the region

Naturalness and resource conservation played a major role in the planning as well as in the selection of soil. Wooden floors have a tradition and robust oak in particular with its high degree of hardness offers a decisive advantage. “For the whole house, we selected both craftsmen and materials from the immediate area,” says Ms. Schachinger. The floor should radiate warmth and comfort and of course also meet aesthetic aspects.

The combination of wooden floors, linoleum floors and stone meet the requirements of different areas. Linoleum is used in therapy rooms and the surgery - a hygienic alternative for areas where a lot of oil is used and where the floor needs to be cleaned easily and with a damp cloth. Wooden floors were laid in the guest rooms, in the offices, in the seminar room and lounges as well as in the corridors. “This is about the feel-good character, about the warmth. The feeling of being able to relax and let go, not about a sterile character,” says Dr. Schachinger. There is stone in the foyer, which flows from the hallway into the wood.

Dr. Schachinger

This is about the feel-good character,
about the warmth. The feeling of relaxing
and being able to let go.

A floor for eternity

Because of the brand name and the associated excellent quality, tilo was chosen. Longevity and timelessness characterize parquet floors. “A floor is not a piece of clothing that you won’t be able to look at in five years. This means that no year should be visible through the floor,” summarizes Dr. Schachinger met together.

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