your stairs.

Not only individual features and furniture solutions, but the whole feel of your home should suit your personality. For this reason, we at tilo provide floors, stairs and skirting boards made from one piece.



Strikingly straight.

Straight stairs.

A straight staircase is the archetype of all staircases: it is straightforward and particularly suitable for use in large spaces. tilo coverings in the material of your choice will turn your straight staircase into a real head-turner.


Harmony all round.

Spiral Staircases.

Spiral staircases are one of the most popular forms of staircase, and for good reason: they save space and offer countless design options. All of your favourite tilo floors can now be used to cover your stairs – creating a sense of allround harmony.


Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.


L-shaped or U-shaped staircases elegantly connect the different levels of your home – and can become a real talking point thanks to tilo coverings. Especially U-shaped staircases, which are available with a landing or with a curved design. They are particularly suited to use in split-level homes. An L-shaped staircase conveys a sense of effortlessness and spaciousness. 

You're sure to 'click" with

the tilo
stair edge profile.

Our stair edge profile is the perfect foundation for our custom staircase solutions and unified, harmonious interior design. The stair edge profile covers the front edge of the step. Floorboards are clicked into the long ends to cover the remaining tread and step risers.

For a particularly harmonious overall impression.

SKP1: single fold

The stair edge profile in this solution folds around the edge of the stair just once, giving the room a very harmonious feel.

For a beautifully emphasized step.

SKP2: double fold

The stair edge profile folds around the edge of the stair twice, accentuating each step.

Stairs made easy.

Compact stairs.

We are passionate about making your everyday more beautiful. With the 'Compact stairs', we have developed a new product that makes planning, costing and installation significantly easier. These pre-fabricated stair elements can be ordered 'by the step' and can be used for straight or spiral steps. When fitting, they just need trimming to size. They can be glued directly to all existing, even coverings such as wood, stone and ceramics. Our compact stair treads are ideal for all tilo floors (except XXL tile jointed 4U).

Compact reconstruction of stairs

Stairs in new buildings are usually designed for a covering installation height of 38 mm to 40 mm. Stairs for new builds account for this by using an appropriate mounting board. This clever system makes covering stairs in new builds a breeze.

Compact stairs in renovation projects

Our compact stairs are ideal for renovation projects and are available in the relevant floor thicknesses. They can be glued to all existing, level coverings, such as wood, stone or ceramic.

Stright steps

Format Standard normal: 360 x 1.200 mm

Spiral steps

Format Standard large: 640 x 1.800 mm

Stairs with ambient lighting &

Effective variants

step risers

Depending on the chosen stair edge profile (SKP), they can either be made from the relevant floorboard, or from a board coated in RAL9016 white. This has a significant influence on the appearance of the stairs.


Stairs with 

ambient lighting

Stairs with ambient lighting put each step in the limelight in a particularly beautiful way. In the 2 x covered variants of both the SKP and TSK, there is an additional groove to allow ambient lighting to be fi tted (SKP2 LED and TSK2 LED).

Treppe mit Ambientebeleuchtung

An important detail


Mouldings are required for stairs that are open at the side, and round off the overall look. One moulding is sufficient to finish a stair tread and step riser on one side. We recommend choosing an oak side finish for our cork floors.