your stairs.

Not only individual features and furniture solutions, but the whole feel of your home should suit your personality. For this reason, we at tilo provide floors, stairs and skirting boards made from one piece.

Step edge profiles

With our step edge profiles, we have kept our floors “one step ahead”.

Quite literally: since the floorboard of your own choice now moves to the stairs. Even the smart laying system is the same - for a consistently beautiful overall appearance.

Discover our solutions for a various staircase shapes - and a home full of harmony and personality. 

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Step edge profiles (SEP), available in two designs (1x or 2x folded) are the fundamental basis for each stair design. The front stair edge is covered with the step edge profile. The remaining material for steps and risers is easily supplemented with floorboards of identical material. A seamless laying of the adjacent floor space is possible thanks to the tried and tested connection systems.

Installation height = plank thickness

  • Individual solution
  • Unlimited staircase entrance width
  • Delivery in the respective plank lengths piece by piece
  • Low installation height

For a particularly harmonious overall appearance.


Folded once.

In this solution, the step edge profile is bent once, which creates a particularly harmonious room design.

Steps are designed with floorboards

For a beautifully accentuated step.


Folded twice..

The step edge profile is bent twice - which accentuates each step in a particularly beautiful way..

The step edge profile is bent twice - which accentuates each step in a particularly beautiful way.

Compact steps.

Building stairs can be so easy.

Along with the tried and tested step edge profiles for individual stair solutions, with Compact Steps (CTS) tilo provides a product which significantly simplifies consultation and calculation as well as the assembly of a staircase. Our prefabricated stair elements, consisting of steps and risers, are delivered per step piece by piece, and are available for straight or spiral staircases. They only need to be cut for laying - and this saves a few work stages, time and money! The fixed price per step also makes the calculation for a staircase particularly easy.

Compact steps are available for renovations (in the respective floor thickness), and for new construction (on substrate) in two formats respectively, for straight and spiral staircases.

Compact steps: straight step
Compact steps: spiral step

CTS for new construction –

ideal for stability and evenness.

After pouring the concrete, the floor surface is not always even. To level any uneven surfaces and for more stability, an additional support plate is required.
The overall thickness of the tilo Compact steps with the substrate is consistent with usual staircase building measures at 38 mm. The smart system therefore also makes covering the staircase particularly straightforward for new construction.

  • Prefabricated elements from the step on the support plate and riser
  • Uniform installation height of 38 mm
  • Delivery in the respective step design piece by piece

CTS for renovation – 

ideal thanks to the low installation height.

Our Compact steps are ideally suited to renovation and available in the required floor thickness. They can be stuck to all existing, even surfaces such as wood, stone and ceramic directly.

  • Prefabricated elements from the step and riser
  • Installation height = plank thickness
  • Delivery in the respective step design piece by piece


Various application possibilities.

The variety of high-quality tilo floors is reflected in our large range of steps. Whether self-supporting stairs, overlying constructions, with/without risers or also special shapes up to a spiral staircase. Stair cladding by tilo also provides the ideal solution for renovations thanks to its low installation height.