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Flooring is an important foundation in life, in every sense of the word: it holds our furniture, affects our well-being, and is the basis of our everyday interactions! We at tilo therefore attach great value to flooring that matches your lifestyle from the ground up.



Our #Parquet floors.

Warm, lively and unique.

Parquet brings a wonderful homely feeling - with every look and every step. At tilo, even choosing brings joy: choose between “calm”, “bright” or “rustic” so that your floor matches your furniture perfectly.

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Our >Natural floors.

Velvety, healthy & sturdy.

Whether velvety cork, lively wood or sturdy linoleum: nature has created a wide repertoire of versatile materials. We select the best for you and process them into high-quality surfaces.

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Our /Design floors.

Alterable, robust and easy-care.

Vinyl is incredibly versatile: it can feel like cool stone or bring a deceptively real wooden look. When walking on it, you would never guess that there isn’t a parquet floor at your feet. Furthermore, vinyl is robust and easy-care.

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