tilo conversion:
15 Mio €

tilo is taking big and bold steps in its historic 70th financial year: digital transformation is the buzzword. The goal is to maintain consistently high quality standards while focusing on the core product lines. State-of-the-art technology, digital know-how and a budget in the tens of millions make this goal tangible.



high sorting quality

The trend towards oak and the demand for oak wood is unbroken. "This poses a great challenge to the market, especially to producers, because the availability of the wood should be guaranteed despite fluctuations in quality," says Managing Director Herbert Kendler. "By investing in processes and technology, tilo is able to circumvent this problem and offer our customers constant, very high qualities all year round." The already very high quality of the products can be secured and improved.


European producer &

digital transformation.

In close cooperation with the best European suppliers of the timber industry, available and proven technologies were developed, newly combined and digitally networked. This achieves a new dimension in the flow of materials and in particular in the utilisation of the raw material oak wood.


An invincible selling point

Production in Austria

The conversion not only means safeguarding the quality standard, it is also a clear commitment to the Lohnsburg site and an unbeatable selling point. tilo has always attached great importance to building up and retaining know-how within the company. By producing the lamellas (decks) and parquet planks in-house, the parquet flooring is manufactured from board to floor in Lohnsburg. The investments clearly confirm this approach once again.

This is what the renovation guarantees

Positive effects

  • Consistent grading quality over harvesting and the processing season
  • Strip parquet production to continue as core business in Austria
  • High levels of product safety and availability
  • 100% incoming goods inspection for higher product quality
  • Better resource utilisation, resulting in higher levels of production output and yield with stable prices
  • Solid construction following multi-stage conditioning and climate control leading to reliable use regardless of the living climate
  • Sustainable site in Austria

Facts and figures

  • 15 Million euros to be invested
  • impact 60% of the entire area
  • 23,000m² have been reconfigured or newly equipped
  • More than 10 new production machines will be installed
  • Collaboration predominantly with Austrian companies, as well as long-standig partners or market leaders in their respective sectors
  • Investment in ultra-modern infrstructure, e.g. internal fibre network, underfloor heating in production area, LED lighting with in-house photovoltaic system

Did you know that...

many parquet manufacturers, buy the finished decks? They also do not have to deal with the wood in its wealth of variants, but buy what the market wants most. Only who takes care of the rest of the wood? Managing Director Herbert Kendler also sees his responsibility here: "It is incomprehensible to me that the visible and tangible contact surface of the parquet floor, the so-called wear layer, i.e. the oak wood, for example, is purchased ready-prepared from Eastern countries by very many competitors. We see here a clear order from our customers to develop the core element the (wood) wear layer of the parquet as a core competence and thus manufactured in Austria with pride to be able to claim".