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On this page you will find cleaning and care instructions in English. Click on the following links to find instructions in French, Czech or Spanish.

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tilo makes cleaning child’s play!

When cleaning, remember: less is more! You should always use the most gentle type of cleaning and the matching cleansing agent – tilo makes this child’s play.

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tilo makes care fun!

When caring for your floor, remember: everything in moderation! Your floor always works hard for you and has to deal with a lot of stress. By way of thanks, treat it to a bit of care every now and again.

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Maintenance and care.

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Maintenance and care instruction


Innovo NATUR oiled

maintenance & care instructions

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Vital NATUR oiled

maintenance & care instructions

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Twist PLUS varnished

maintenance & care instructions

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Twist PLUS matt varnished

maintenance & care instructions

Maintenance and care videos