Let's hit the
ground running!

It isn't what we do that makes us stand out. It's the way that we do it! The way we do things is what sets us apart, makes us special and ultimately helps us to achieve our vision.


We make floors

with passion

We put a great deal of passion into what we do. tilo started life as a joinery business. Many of us at the company have trained as joiners. We are passionate about what we do – and it shows!


We make floors


What makes us special is that we do things together – with great team spirit among colleagues and establishing a partnership with customers. Success is always the sum of several components. Anyone who knows us, knows this.


We make floors

with a down-to-earth approach

We have two feet on the ground and are passionate about making solid flooring. We do things in our own particular downto-earth tilo way – honest, straightforward and on an equal footing.


We make floors

with vision

We look to the future with confidence and are already thinking about how the floors of tomorrow will look. We think digitally and take responsibility for our environment. We work together with our partners to ensure success tomorrow.


We make floors

with skill

Making floors is in our blood. We understand our materials from the ground up and know how to process them. We are happy to explain the concept of floors, make it understandable and share our knowledge.