skirting boards

your skirting boards.

Having the right skirting board appears to be a small detail - but it has a great influence on the effect of your rooms.

tilo skirting boards

The right skirting board for your style and floor.

With suitable skirting boards by tilo, your living style becomes noticeable in any corner of your home.

Clip system for invisible fastening:

  • time-saving assembly.
  • optimal adaptation to irregular masonry.

Our skirting boards can achieve anything.

Our skirting boards complete the room and give it a beautiful and uniform appearance. They keep the floor down in case of a floating floor installation, hide cables and are also very useful when cleaning floors: they prevent staining on the wall when mopping up.

More than a detail.

Like your tilo floor, the skirting board can also consist of various materials. Our compact skirting boards are entirely made of wood; they can also contain open knots or unplugged cracks. So they are perfectly suited to rustic floors.

In case of veneered skirting boards, the surface is made of wooden sheets which are glued to the spruce substrate. For tilo vinyl floors or all those are looking for white or aluminium skirting boards, there are foil-coated skirting boards. The vinyl film, a white finish foil or a decorative aluminium film is glued to a substrate (at tilo on MDF/medium-density fibreboard).

For all floors

FSLC516250 veneered, 16x50mm
SL50172200 compact, 17x50mm
KSLC516240 foil-coated (cork), 16x50mm
LSLC516240 foil-coated (linoleum)
VSLC516240 foil-coated (vinyl), 16x50mm

For parquet floors

DF401250 veneered, 26x26mm
SL410250U veneered, 18x40mm

White skirting boards

SL516240M foil-coated (RAL9010), 16x50mm
SB7516240M foil-coated (RAL9010), 16x75mm
FSL516250 foil-coated (RAL9010), 16x50mm
SL410250 foil-coated (RAL9010), 16x40mm

For damp rooms

VSLC516240 foil-coated, 16x50mm

The perfect finish

  • the suitable skirting board for each décor 
  • classic skirting boards for each living style
  • clip system for invisible fastening

Clipstar, the technically unique invisible fastening system. The trademarked “Push & Press” effect (EP1 815 084) ensures a time-saving assembly of the skirting boards, also in case of irregular masonry and for renovation work. Up to 7 mm ø cables can be held in the cable duct of the spring steel clips. It is also possible to assemble and disassemble the skirting board multiple times without using tools.