Real wood 
and its advantages

A tilo real wood floor is of top quality, individual and at the same time is the most economical way to
use wood: from one solid cubic metre of raw wood, we are able to manufacture around 600 m2 of real wood flooring. By way of comparison, that same solid cubic metre would yield approximately 35 m2 of parquet flooring. During production, the precious wood is turned into thin sheets. The thickness of the finished product is 8.5 mm – making the floor ideal for renovation projects. Its low weight and optimised format enable packaging in pallets and facilitate transport and storage. So real wood floors make a significant contribution to climate protection from the raw material to the end product


A wonderful


A real wood floor is a naturally beautiful, and above all, inexpensive alternative to parquet.



by nature

The real wood veneer is sturdily connected with a reduced swelling HDF core. This increases the indentation resistance; the floor is durable, long lasting and retains its value.


Perfect for


As the product is just 8.5 mm thick, it is ideal for quick renovation projects.




Optimum use of a solid cubic metre of raw wood from sustainably-managed forests and optimised use of warehouse and transport capacity make a significant contribution to climate protection.



comfortable living

The natural material ensures a wonderfully pleasant indoor climate and comfort through and through.



floating installation

The tilo real wood floors can be easily and simply laid by yourself with floating installation.