Warm nature
at your feet.

Whether it is velvety cork or vibrant wood: Nature has produced a rich repertoire of versatile materials. At tilo, we select the best of these for you and process them into top-quality floor coverings. So special raw materials become a special floor or your home.

Sustainable use of resources.

Real wood

A tilo real wood floor is of top quality, individual and at the same time is the most economical way to use wood: from one solid cubic metre of raw wood, we are able to manufacture around 600 m2 of real wood flooring. Its low weight and optimised format enable packaging in pallets and facilitate transport and storage. So real wood floors make a significant contribution to climate protection from the raw material to the end product.

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Sustainably beautiful.


If you feel at one with nature, you'll love cork. To obtain it, the bark of the tree is peeled off, and it grows back completely within ten years. This means not a single tree is felled – making cork a practically inexhaustible resource. It is antibacterial by nature, easy to maintain and 100% recyclable.

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