one of a kind.

Parquet is warm, real, unique and constantly moving. “It lives”, enthusiasts say. “It works”, says the specialist. But there is one point everyone agrees on: parquet brings a wonderful homely feeling.


Remarkably versatile.

More than a floor.

Wood is so versatile that it keeps surprising us: fine-pored maple has such a different character from the lively, popular oak or the fragrant Swiss pine. Our understanding of floors gained over years allows us to combine parquet collections which make it especially easy for you to choose!


Modern and lively.

A new homely feeling.

Walking on warm wood barefoot, breathing in its fragrance, feeling the structure of the surface: a parquet floor is more than a floor, it is a homely feeling. High-quality tilo parquet bathes rooms in a friendly light, makes them the heart of family life, and has a positive effect on our well-being. You can find many interesting facts about parquet also on our tilo blog.


We understand, process and refine parquet.

Like it’s made for you.

We know every facet of wood as material; we understand, process and refine it. We sort through many types of wood by hand to select the most beautiful grain patterns and structures. In this way, we know exactly how to best accentuate the character of your parquet floor.

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