We all love it - parquet. But what actually is it? What is the differnce between parquet and real wood floor? Parquet is pure naturalness, a true wood floor, but not a 'real wood floor'.


Natural style &

pleasant indoor climate

Parquet impresses with its wonderful natural qualities – perfect for everyone who loves an original charm. What's more, a true wood floor also regulates the indoor climate, by absorbing or releasing air humidity.

MARCANTO TREND - Eiche caramel



barefoot feeling

The grain, the special processing - you can feel the life in the pleasant warmth of parquet.



easy-to-maintain surface

Easy parquet cleaning and care is also a key aspect at tilo. We have set a real benchmark in this regard with Innovo NATUR oiled surfaces.


Something special

at your feet.

If you love nature, then a true parquet floor is a dream come true. A piece of nature that you can proudly call your own and enjoy day after day


A range of

design options

Hardly any other floor covering offers so much scope for personalisation. This is thanks to the selection of different gradings and surfaces.


A floor

for generations

Thanks to the longevity of parquet, not least due to ever new surfaces, the love for this wonderfully natural floor often spans generations.