Wonderful variety
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Light ash, knotted larch or beautifully scented Swiss Pine – find the right floor for every taste and interior style here.

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New on-trend wood type.

Dashing ash

Ash is a type of hardwood whose light colour is fully on trend. The fascinating grain makes ash particularly dashing. When using it as a parquet floor, it is characterised by the fact it is tough and hard-wearing. Rooms with light-coloured floors such as ash parquet appear larger. They look more airy, cheerful and spacious. Light floor colours are so timeless that almost any furniture looks the part. They create an inviting and modern living space.

Seven times dashing ash.

Ash is a deciduous tree native to Europe and is becoming increasingly popular in interior design. The special structure and colour variation from light to dark in particular make the appearance of ash so unique. Some of its key features include its hardness and elasticity, which make it a hard-wearing floor covering.

Cosy larch.

This native softwood is considered a high-quality wood and is very versatile. Parquet floor made from larch wood has a very unique colouring from light yellow to reddish, which brings a warm and cosy atmosphere to living spaces.

Scented swiss pine.

Swiss pine belongs to the pine family and is known for its delicate fragrance, which provides a special feel-good factor. A parquet floor made from Swiss pine is rather light, the colour sometimes slightly redder than larch, for example.

The popular classic

Versatile oak.

Oak wood has many positive properties and can be used in many ways. There is hardly any other wood that is as popular as oak. It is hard and robust, hardly warps and is therefore very durable. In addition to our #PARQUET collections, the oak can also be found in the >NATUR UNO collection.

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Wonderful variety of wood

ash, larch, swiss pine, oak.

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