It's not just about the colour, surface and grading, the format also determines the impact of your floor. Different lengths and widths change the floor's appearance, can make rooms appear spacious and elegant, and breathe life into them. Large formats are no longer reserved for the parquet world - the long planks in our ELITO TREND and GRANDO collections are testimony to this.

GRANDO collection ELITO TREND collection

Large rooms.

Large formats

Take advantage of the space in large rooms and use large formats. Let them create a welcoming effect, open up the room and lend it a feeling of seemingly endless space. Be it in single-plank format, the /DESIGN collections GRANDO and ELITO TREND, or in the Tile XXL tile format of the ELEGANTO collection - you're guaranteed to fi nd the right format for your style!

Small rooms.

Small formats

Do you want to make a small room seem genuinely bigger? Then small formats are the right choice for you - because the smaller the format, the larger the room looks. In a narrow room, the floor should be laid crosswise to make it appear wider, while it should be laid lengthwise in a short room to make the room look longer. Floorboard and tile formats can be found in the /DESIGN collections FAVORITO, NOVO, ROBUSTO, ELEGANTO and SENSANO, and in our SPA collections.


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