our values.

It isn't what we do that makes us stand out. It's the way that we do it! The way we do things is what sets us apart, makes us special and ultimately helps us to achieve our vision.



Down-to-earth attitude.

We pride ourselves on our down-to-earth attitude, something for which Austrians are renowned, and on communicating honestly in a way the customer understands. The informal Innviertel approach to how we do business makes a welcome change in the often tough-talking world of business. Our down-to-earth attitude is also reflected in our concern for the environment. For us this means the careful use of resources. What it doesn't mean is simply obtaining an eco-label, it's about pursuing sustainability in all that we do.



Trust and proximity.

In an increasingly digital world, people value personal contact more than ever. And, this personal contact is what you will find at tilo. More and more people are contacting us directly, including through social media, and appreciate being able to speak to a tilo employee in person. We enjoy long-standing, close relationships with our customers and business partners, going back over decades in some cases. We support our retailers across the entire distribution chain, from initial contact through to completed building project.



A bold approach.

One of our key strengths is courage. There's no doubt it takes courage to found a company. But we didn't stop there: over the years we have ventured into new areas and uncharted waters. This includes gradually moving into the development and production of skirting boards through to parquet and vinyl engineered floors. We are still shaped by this bold yet practical approach today, always looking for the next challenge on the horizon.



Unbridled passion.

tilo started life as a joinery business. Many of us at the company have trained as joiners, and we are united by our tremendous passion and love for our materials and products. Whether it's in production, the warehouse, training workshop or in service - we are passionate about what we do - something you can't fail to notice! We are united by our loyalty to the company and our common bonds, going back over years and decades for some.



Know-how made clear.

Our world is becoming more and more complex. We get bombarded with information and constant overhype from all directions. Even the subject of floors has got more and more complicated as time has gone on. We know how important it is that customers understand what makes a good floor and what floor is right for what situation. That's why we explain the concept of floors and make it understandable, whether we are talking on the website, in the magalogue or the tilo blog. We invite our customers to training workshops where we aim to impart key knowledge and understanding.