design floors.

tilo /DESIGN vinyl floors promise the highest level of quality, undergo extensive testing and are even used in the healthcare sector. However, many people want a floor that is completely free of PVC – and we understand. Our PVCfree SENSANO product highlight offers exactly this.

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Yes to softness. No to PVC.

Velvety, wonderfully warm and so easy to maintain, durable and robust – this is our new SENSANO collection. And that's not all. Thanks to its special design layer made of Tinyl, there is no need for PVC. Developed to meet demand for PVCfree products, Tinyl is a thermoplastic design layer which has special material properties such as ease of maintenance and high durability, just like vinyl. It is also extremely hard-wearing like vinyl. Needless to say, Tinyl undergoes regular testing, and must meet the highest of standards. Want to know more?


The PVC-free design floor


Tinyl was developed to meet the rising demand for PVC-free products. It is a thermoplastic design layer without or PVC. The name 'Tinyl' is derived from the 'ti' for tilo and 'nyl' from 'vinyl', as the material has similar properties to vinyl. This means Tinyl is very easy to maintain, durable and hard-wearing.


its advantages.

  • A synthetic material that's soft without the use PVC: This innovation is part of the tilo /DESIGN collection, has wonderfully velvety soft properties and is PVC-free.
  • Easy to clean: Thanks to its brushed surface, Tinyl is very easy to maintain.
  • Happiness that lasts Tinyl is durable and robust, which means you can enjoy your floor for many years to come.

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Discover floors in your own home.

tilo floorlayer app

Do you know what your new floor will look like in your home? To make the subject of floors as simple and appealing as possible for you - that is our aim! We always keep our finger on the pulse! As with the tilo flooring app: this app enables you to admire the floor of your choice in your own home with just a few clicks. Simply download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, choose your desired floor and lay it in your own room in real time. Free for all devices. Download App now!


Every side a promise.

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What can you expect? Just everything. Because tilo makes the floor for everything you plan to do. Let's start with what we offer you. Because these are more than high-quality floors, they are promises. We promise real diversity, optimal solutions, easy selection, flooring from Austria, easy maintenance and quick installation. With tilo you make the right choice of flooring.

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