Easy to maintain

Naturalness that you can feel with every step is the trend for parquet and natural floors. Beautifully matt, oiled surfaces with every pore visible. At the same time, the floor should be hard-wearing and take the challenges of everyday life in its stride. Which is why our customers benefit from the exclusive tilo surface Innovo NATUR oil. It combines the tangible organic feel of oiled surfaces with the durability and ease of maintenance of varnish.

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Due to its many advantages, the innovative surface is enjoying increasing popularity. That is why they are now available on all #PARKETT collections as well as on oiled real wood decors. Surface treatments protect the raw wood, change its appearance and influence its use and care properties. It is the demands that the customer places on the product that are decisive for the "correct" surface treatment.

Perfectly combined.

Oil & varnish united.

Information about the respective properties will help you make the right decision. With Innovo NATUR Oil, tilo has succeeded in doing something special, as it combines the decisive advantages of oil and varnish. The result: wonderfully matt and naturally tangible floors, which are also easy to care for and resistant.

Did you know that ... 

... the Innovo NATUR oil developed by tilo contains more than meets the eye? So it is rightly a star among the surfaces.


Benefit # 1

Matt elegance

The Innovo NATUR oil lies invisibly on your floor. The grain is noticeably emphasized, the surface remains matt and natural. Compared to commercially available matt lacquers and NATURAL oils, our surface scores extremely well in terms of gloss level.


Benefit # 2

Fast & easy maintenance

The Innovo NATUR oil penetrates the soil. This means that dry and wet cleaning are no problem: the floor can be walked on again after a short time and can be cleaned without the need for expensive machines.


Benefit #3


The Innovo NATUR oil forms a deep protective layer. The floor becomes more robust. It has high scratch and scuff resistance and abrasion resistance.


Benefit #4

Developed in Austria

We know the subject of floors “from the ground up” and we know what it takes to get the best out of wood. In Innovo NATUR Oil there are decades of expertise and passion from the heart of Austria.


Benefit #5


90% of the oil is based on natural raw materials and has been tested and approved according to ÖNORM. This makes Innovo NATUR Oil an ideal solution for a sustainably beautiful and robust floor.



Do you want more infos on Innovo? Download here.

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What can you expect? Just everything. Because tilo makes the floor for everything you plan to do. Let's start with what we offer you. Because these are more than high-quality floors, they are promises. We promise real diversity, optimal solutions, easy selection, flooring from Austria, easy maintenance and quick installation. With tilo you make the right choice of flooring.

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