bevelled (4V), brushed, wood design
Twist PLUS varnished
/DESIGN, Vinyl plank

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Order number: V1312
Format (l x w x h): 2200 mm x 216 mm x 10 mm


Twist PLUS varnished

Bevelled edge

bevelled (4V)

Laying System


Type of installation

floating installation

Underfloor heating

Grade Level

NKL 33


1 Wear layer:
0,55 mm
2 2. Layer:
LVT décor film
3 3. Layer:
multilayered vinyl sheets
4 Middle layer:
high density fibreboard
5 Counter act:
Cork impact sound insulation

Assembly instructions

We are also there for you when laying and gluing your floor.

Instructions for cleaing and care

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Technical data sheet

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The right stairs

arrow right Stairs

The perfect matching stairs to your tilo floor. Step edge profiles (SEP) are available in two designs (1x or 2x folded) for new construction and for renovations.

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