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In three gradings.

Twelve colours

The TREND collections feature beautiful oak floors in the most popular colours and gradings. You also have the opportunity to combine colour and grading as you wish; if you prefer one of the 12 fashionable colours, you can choose it in a calm, lively or rustic grading. Find your dream floor the easy way: 12 colours in three gradings - discover the wonderful selection of parquet in the tilo TREND collektions.


Calm, lively or rustic?

Find the right grading.

The choice of grading affects how the new floor looks and feels when in place. It can give your floor a restful, vibrant or rustic feel, and so can give your living space its own individual character. The 12 colours for the tilo TREND collections are available in three gradings in the collections PURISTICO TREND, MARCANTO TREND and RUSTICO TREND

Your dream floor in just
two steps!

#1: Choose your favorite colour

Select your favorite color from the 12 most beautiful tilo colors here. You can find all colors in one representation here.

2. Choose the grading that you want:

The choice of sorting affects how the new floor will look in your home. It makes the floor appear calm, lively or rustic and thus offers the possibility to give the living space its very own character. The twelve colors of the tilo TREND collections can be found in three assortments in the PURISTICO TREND, MARCANTO TREND and RUSTICO TREND collections.


Innovo NATUR oil

Easy to maintain surface.

Naturalness that you can feel with every step – the beautifully matt, oiled surface of the tilo #PARQUET floor combines the tangible organic feel of oiled surfaces with the durability and ease of maintenance of varnish. You can find everything you need to know about the exclusive Innovo NATUR oil surface at innovo.


Natural, authentic, real.

tilo Natur!Pur

A particular highlight of the TREND collections is the Natur!Pur colour range. The floors look just like untreated wood, yet it is invisibly protected, ensuring natural beauty and utility are no longer mutually exclusive. A pure understatement that gives your four walls a magic only to be found in nature. You can find everything you need to know about Natur!Pur at


tilo colour match

Combine #PARKETT and /DESIGN

Thanks to the TREND collections, you can use a uniform colour space throughout your whole home and adapt the floor to the different requirements of each living area. The /DESIGN floors from the ELITO TREND collection are ideal for areas subjected to heavy use, such as kitchens or entrance areas. 


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2021 TREND Collections

#PARQUET: Twelve colours in three gradings.

Discover floors in your own home.

tilo floorlayer app

Do you know what your new floor will look like in your home? To make the subject of floors as simple and appealing as possible for you - that is our aim! We always keep our finger on the pulse! As with the tilo flooring app: this app enables you to admire the floor of your choice in your own home with just a few clicks. Simply download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, choose your desired floor and lay it in your own room in real time. Free for all devices. Download App now!


Every side a promise.

The tilo die

What can you expect? Just everything. Because tilo makes the floor for everything you plan to do. Let's start with what we offer you. Because these are more than high-quality floors, they are promises. We promise real diversity, optimal solutions, easy selection, flooring from Austria, easy maintenance and quick installation. With tilo you make the right choice of flooring.

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