colour spaces.

Seamless transitions between the kitchen and living room or the hall and stairs add to the depth and harmony of your rooms. But how do you achieve this when each room has its own rules and different flooring requirements? While parquet and natural floors impress with their natural charm, design floors wow with their robustness and ease of maintenance. So, in the past, customers often had to combine different types of floor with different designs and colours.






Harmonious combination.

Thanks to the new TREND collections from tilo, you can now use a uniform colour space throughout your whole home and adapt the floor to the different requirements of each living area – including the stairs.


Advantages combined

In addition to uniform color spaces throughout the house - the tilo color match has other advantages. It is a floor that is made for all the needs and requirements of a house.  You can place the DESIGN floors of the color match in areas that are more stressed, such as the kitchen or entrance area. The parquet floors fit wonderfully in the same color space in the living room and bedroom. As with all tilo floors, there are also matching stairs and strips for the collections of the tilo color match. Developed according to the highest standards in Austria, the floor is also particularly quick and easy to clean and maintain.


Unrivalled in terms of

design & technology

Images on vinyl long planks are normally artificially altered, i.e. duplicated. This results in a relatively uniform, artificial laying pattern. In contrast, the true-to-life dimensions of the wood design and the duplication of the base images per design in the ELITO TREND collection create a realistic, natural laying pattern. Not (the usual) four, but eight selected planks in the MARCANTO TREND collection have been scanned in the original single plank size and transferred to the world of vinyl floors. This means you can now reproduce the entire length and width of a 2,200 x 216 mm parquet with the /DESIGN collection ELITO TREND and twelve wonderfully matt colours. As the only vinyl plank of its kind on the market, the combination of authentic format, colours and surface impression creates a 100% authentic parquet appearance.

How do uniform 
color spaces work?

At tilo, uniform colour spaces means that the colours of the design floors correspond to the colour range of the parquet floors with the same name. This results in incredibly harmonious and practical combinations. The colours for the twelve oak designs contained in the three TREND collections – intensive, pastel and pure – are beautifully matt, elegant and natural all at the same time. Whether stylish and natural with #PARQUET or fine and functional with /DESIGN – you can savour the feeling of a truly harmonious environment. The new tilo colour range is an experience not to be missed.

Choose parquet color

First select your favorite parquet color from the PURISTICO TREND, MARCANTO TREND and RUSTICO TREND collections. You will then find the colors in the same color space in the ELITO TREND vinyl collection.

Download Infos

Are you interested in the tilo color match? Then download the most important information as a pdf now.


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What can you expect? Just everything. Because tilo makes the floor for everything you plan to do. Let's start with what we offer you. Because these are more than high-quality floors, they are promises. We promise real diversity, optimal solutions, easy selection, flooring from Austria, easy maintenance and quick installation. With tilo you make the right choice of flooring.

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Do you know what your new floor will look like in your home? To make the subject of floors as simple and appealing as possible for you - that is our aim! We always keep our finger on the pulse! As with the tilo flooring app: this app enables you to admire the floor of your choice in your own home with just a few clicks. Simply download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, choose your desired floor and lay it in your own room in real time. Free for all devices. Download App now!


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