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tilo outdoor: durable highlights for outdoor areas
Wood decking and wood cladding manufactured from native wood, which is in no way inferior to tropical wood. With refinement processes such as thermal treatment and Natwood® natural resin impregnation, tilo is setting the standard for outdoor areas.

tilo does not use any exotic woods in its top-quality Outdoor range, instead, it exclusively uses ash and fir from native forests. This wood is exposed to high temperatures for a set period of time in the company‘s own thermal chamber. This makes it considerably more resistant to fungi and wood parasites and significantly increases its dimensional stability. The visible side effect of this is a darker colour, which varies according to the intensity of the treatment.

Effective wood protection over many years
After more than 15 years of research and development work, Natwood®, tilo‘s patented natural resin impregnation process, has developed into a unique wood refinement process. Thanks to its combination of durability and dimensional stability, Natwood® is ideally suited to use in outdoor areas such as decking, sun protection and garden furniture to name just a few.

Both the thermal wood process and Natwood® process offer surface protection and deep protection for many years, independently of one another.


Decking and Cladding that are made to match
The use of exactly the same materials means that outdoor decking and cladding form a perfect match.