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Each in a class of its own: the parquet collections from tilo
Top-quality wood, innovative technologies, unique designs: parquet floors from tilo are setting the standard. With eleven collections, tilo has the perfect parquet solution for every living environment.

As before, the single plank figures prominently amongst the parquet floors thanks to its impressive appearance. It owes its striking appearance to its seamless top layer, which, depending on the grading, can convey a calm, vibrant or impulsive look. tilo customers can choose from seven different single plank collections:

  • MONTANA shows the impulsive side of oak in an expressive grading with a lively grain.
  • PURISTIC exudes sheer elegance with its unobtrusive, clear and harmoniously-grained hardwoods.
  • COMFORT is durable and easy to maintain thanks to its varnished hardwood surface.
  • NORDIC brings with it the natural character of larch and stone pine from the mountains, which has a positive influence on sleep quality.
  • SENSES it is not just its appearance that makes it unusual: thanks to its planed or relief surface, every step is a sensory experience.
  • RUSTIC impresses with its old wood charm, displaying puttied cracks, grooves, saw marks and traditional timber joints such as dovetail and wooden dowels.
  • GRANDE creates a unique atmosphere in the room with its extra long and extra wide planks (2600 x 240 mm).

3-strip parquet: a timeless parquet classic
Thanks to the eye-catching arrangement of its individual strips, a 3-strip parquet floor lends a general aesthetic and a feel-good factor to any room. tilo offers 3-strip parquet in two collections:

  • LIFE has a sanded or brushed surface with a natural oil finish.
  • COMFORT is particularly hard-wearing and easy to maintain thanks to its sanded and varnished surface.

The large selection of wood types and gradations open up a multitude of combination possibilities for both collections.

UNIC: traditional parquet reinvented
The multi-strip parquet, Unic is a completely new addition. With this collection, tilo is taking traditional laying patterns such as diagonal, old German and French herringbone and giving them a complete overhaul. Familiar parquet designs as the classics of tomorrow – with contemporary easy-care properties.

INLINE: Glued and ready
Seamless solid, 10 mm-thick lengthwise strips make the Inline solid wood parquet a distinctive, robust companion for many years to come. Thanks to thermal treatment and the patented natural resin impregnation process, this parquet floor is also suitable for use in damp locations.


Easy to install, easy to care for
All tilo parquet floors are manufactured from sustainably-sourced, handpicked woods, making efficient use of resources. Special surface treatments that have been developed by tilo, such as the natural oil finish, ensure that they are durable and easy to maintain. Tilo provides a 30-year quality guarantee for every parquet floor. Innovative interlocking mechanisms and precisely-fitting tongue and groove connections guarantee quick and easy installation. All tilo floors are suitable for use with underfloor heating.
Corresponding stairs and floor profiles are available for every tilo parquet floor, creating a harmonious complete solution, all from a single source.