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tilo has a long tradition of innovation
Innovation and sustainability have been shaping the development of tilo for almost 65 years now. tilo is committed to the responsible and sustainable use of natural resources. Innovative solutions and meticulous processing result in simple and equitable products of a very high quality. They create a natural, harmonious and healthy living environment and offer innumerable possibilities to achieve highly individual designs that are suited to every style.

The company, which is based in the Innviertel in Upper Austria, was founded in 1950 as a small carpentry workshop. Its first success came with the provision of skirtings as joinery and woodworking supplies. Then came the serial production of panelled ceilings. During the early 1990s, tilo‘s core business shifted towards the supplying of quality parquet and engineered flooring products, which were offered exclusively by selected specialist stores.

270 employees and a turnover figure of 50 million euros
Today, tilo GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of superior-quality flooring solutions within central Europe. At present, around 270 employees generate a total turnover of around 50 million euros per year. Production takes place exclusively in Austria. Floors, stairs and skirtings from a single source Flooring, which forms the company’s core segment, includes a multitude of top-quality natural wood parquet floors, as well as engineered floors with coverings manufactured from veneers, vinyl, cork and linoleum. For every floor, tilo also produces matching stairs and floor profiles using exactly the same material to create the impression of harmony within the room.


Decking and cladding that are made to match
Outdoor products from tilo use top-quality native woods as their basis, which are treated using various finishing processes such as thermal treatment or the patented Natwood® process, which involves impregnating the wood with natural resin. Through its conscious decision to not use any tropical wood, tilo is making an active contribution to climate protection and is clearly demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The use of exactly the same materials means that outdoor decking and cladding form a perfect match.

Top-quality, equitable and forward-looking
„The name tilo has always been synonymous with a high level of competence in the field of top-quality natural wood flooring, forward-looking design, and also the innovative use of new materials. We want to continue on this road to success“, emphasised the company’s CEO, Herbert Kendler.