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Inline by tilo: parquet with significant advantages
Classic designs, rapid installation and unique characteristics: tilo is setting the benchmark with Inline solid parquet – from wide instead of lengthwise strips.

Inline differs from conventional engineered parquet even in its construction: it is solid throughout and the individual elements consist of broad-edge strips which are connected by small plywood slats on the underside. The broader and larger strips not only produce a convincing appearance, but have a range of further advantages compared to the lengthwise parquet customary in the trade.


Also ideal in conjunction with underfloor heating

Inline is optimally suited to renovations, for example, with an installation height of 10 mm. It conducts heat especially well and is therefore ideal for rooms with underfloor heating. Inline is glued full spread; it can be installed more uniformly and therefore much more quickly than other solid wood parquet floors.


Save time and money: glue – and finished

This is ensured by precisely fitting tongue and groove millings on the lengthwise sides and at the short end, short drying times and, last but not least, the surface which is ready to install which has already been applied in the factory and requires no further processing. This saves time and therefore money: the overall costs are considerably lower than for conventional lengthwise parquet. Rooms with Inline solid parquet can be used as soon as 24 hours after installation.


Easy care, protective surfaces

Natural oils, optionally with UV or oxidatively hardened, protect the surface without sealing the wood pores. The fascinating structure of the wood remains palpable. With its acrylic finish, Inline is extremely resistant, scratch-, abrasion- and indentation-proof – even in heavily used rooms.


Also suitable for wetrooms

Inline is perfect for use even in wetrooms: the combination of thermal treatment (up to 180° C) and the patented Natwood® artificial ageing of tilo guarantee high humidity resistance and dimensional stability. This is achieved by natural tree resins which are embedded in the wood under increased pressure. 


Native woods, many designs

As for all of its products, tilo does not use exotic woods for Inline, but only native types of wood: maple, birch, beech, oak, ash and cherry in select quality, in numerous classic and trendy design variants for every living environment.


“Inline is a solid parquet floor with a distinctive character which leaves a great deal of creative freedom. It thus optimally fulfils the requirements which customers may expect of every tilo product: it makes rooms come true,” states tilo Managing Director DI Herbert Kendler.