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Resource-preserving real wood floors
tilo is going on the offensive with an innovative and environmentally-friendly product line – and thus sets an exquisite counterpoint to laminate floors.

The processing of thin, but very robust wear layers from natural, real woods makes this possible.


Environmental awareness and sustainability are key elements of the company philosophy which tilo lives out. “We produce approximately 1000 m² of veneer floors from a solid cubic metre of raw wood. However, you can only get approximately 35 m² of parquet floors from this solid cubic metre. A new varnish technology based on high-quality raw materials gives optimum protection from scratches and wear. The floors are thus also suitable for wheelchairs, dirt-resistant and easy-care.

Compared to cold plastic laminate floors, real wood veneer floors from tilo radiate healthy naturalness and give every living space warmth and security.

Due to the low installation height and simple installability, the tilo veneer floor is ideally suited to renovations and constitutes a cost-effective alternative to parquet.

Low resistance to heat conductivity ensures that the heating power of underfloor heating which is installed especially in modern low-energy and passive houses is optimally used. Real wood veneer floors thus make an important contribution to climate protection.