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Live well, naturally.
Whether you are looking for warm, vibrant wood, velvety cork or hard-wearing linoleum, nature has produced a rich repertoire of versatile materials. At tilo, we select the best of these for you and process them into top-quality floor coverings. And so a wonderful natural raw material becomes a special floor for your home.

The real wood floors from tilo showcase the exclusivity and comfort of this natural material in a particularly resource-efficient and affordable way. The construction, using a top layer made of real wood veneer, considerably reduces the use of wood in comparison with parquet floors and leaves only a small ecological footprint.


At the same time, these natural floors are durable and simple from the ground up: thanks to their compact plank design, they are small enough to fit into any car boot. tilo real wood floors are available in three collections:


  • UNO stands out with its one-strip design, emphasising the individual planks, and experiments with trendy wood types such as oak, maple and walnut – an affordable and elegant flooring option.
  • PORTO showcases the unmistakeable 3-strip look. On-trend wood types such as oak, maple, beech and acacia provide special accents.
  • EFFECTO shines thanks to its multi-strip design in traditional strip patterns (French herringbone, diagonal herringbone and basket weave). The result is exclusive installation patterns that lend a new interpretation to traditional ideas, in oak and walnut.


Linoleum - naturally robust, fascinatingly colourful
COLORO stands for resistance in a fresh design, hence the name of the new collection of floors made of linoleum, one of the most hard-wearing materials produced on the basis of natural raw materials. Comfortable and easy to maintain, these floors will win you over even in intensively used areas. The varied colour palette, ranging from granite to lime green, will satisfy your every design wish.


Sustainable natural comfort at every turn

SENSO, the cork collection from tilo, offers easy-to-maintain floors, that are shock-absorbing and gentle on your feet, for all living areas where wellbeing is a priority. Relaxation with a clear conscience: the raw material, cork oak bark, grows back quickly and is obtained in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner.


Natural floors from tilo are produced from natural base materials which are used in a considerably resource-friendly manner thanks to tilo’s efficient construction and production methods. They are easy to install and maintain as well as being durable. All tilo floors are suitable for use with underfloor heating. Their low installation height also makes them the first choice for renovations.


>NATURE on every level
For every natural floor, tilo also produces matching stairs and floor profiles. The floor surface extends seamlessly up the stairs and into the skirting board. The result is seamless transitions and perfect living design on every level.

Leben mit der Natur: Echtholz, Kork & Linoleum.