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Gustav Schrattenecker founded the Lohnsburg joinery with only one apprentice. In a workshop no bigger than 7.5 x 12 m and complete with a planing machine, a wooden-frame dressing tool and a band saw with a petrol motor, the then 31-year old makes the transition to self-employment.





Start of mouldings production and installation of parquet floors.







The production area was expanded to 800 sqm with 12 employees.





The local exhibition saw cassette ceilings showcased for the first time under the current company name tilo.

Shortly after the exhibition, the company started bulk production of cassette ceilings.


27 employees and an area of 2400 m2.



25th anniversary of tilo


Due to the rapid demand for products in 1975 were already 73 persons employeed.






The Company soon becomes a major employer in the region. While in 1970 it employed 27 people, the figure in 1980 had reached 160. The company area was extended to further 7000 sqm with 4000 sqm for production. 



Franz Schrattenecker takes over the helm from his father. His motto: "Always question the old and constantly look for innovative solutions."






Foundation of the subsidiary FOX in Neuhofen for installing floors and room acoustics.





A modification process to improve the natural material properties.


In 1998 the Natwood Project "thermoplastic solid wood components" was named and

awarded the best project of the FFF campaign in the wood research technology sector.


In the same year, tilo owner and managing director, Franz Schrattenecker was awarded the Victor Kaplan Medal in conjunction with the Natwood patent by the Austrian Patent Owner And Inventor Association. This medal is the highest award in Austria that honours entrepreneurship and innovation.



50th anniversary of tilo


The new three-storey office block, a low energy wooden construction, is completed. In 2000 the Austrian Government awarded the tilo head office Building of the Year. The structure was recognized for its energy efficient design. The spectacular building, a three-floor, timber frame construction, is made 90% of wood.




By developing and patenting the "ParkettFIX" installation system for parquet floors, tilo achieved a massive head start on the market. A milestone in the quality of wooden floors.







tilo developed a holistic concept for a successful partnership. With appealing and modern product and brand presentation, our partners and tilo achieved repositioning on the market.







tilo developed a new market for the first time with wood decking for the outdoor area.

The tilo outdoor range is based on the use of the highest quality, native woods and the use of different refinement processes such as thermal treatment or the patented natural resin impregnation Natwood®.

Tilo thus focuses on sustainability and environmental protection by dispensing with tropical wood in the outdoor area.